What if you could step into your role as a purpose-driven leader,
without conforming to a traditional leadership model that feels outdated and out-of-alignment?


In partnership with Oxford Leadership

Unleash the Sacred Leader Within

A heart-centred leadership program designed to help you
increase your impact by aligning your purpose, values and vision with a 90-day plan

How we see it...

The current pandemic and global events have ushered us into a period of global awakening. We are being urged to ‘see’ things differently. To question who we want to be, how we want to show up and what really matters.

As old structures and ways of leading crumble, one thing is certain: a new ‘normal’ is emerging.

We believe there has never been a better time for more conscious leaders to rise up and lead us into our next phase in the evolution of humanity.

Let’s embrace this new awakening, leveraging fully a deeper sense of wholeness and confidently role model a new way of being and leading - from the inside-out.

Your challenge...

The traditional way of leadership feels out of alignment.

It feels too confined, competitive, hierarchical and ego-centric. The goal seems to be to gain power to control others and focus first on performance.

And that’s not you. As much as you want to have an impact, you will only allow yourself to move forward with integrity, authenticity and purity.

But what if we tell you that leadership is changing?

And, that you could be at the forefront of that change.

That you could be a leader who is whole-hearted and puts compassion and co-creation in the spotlight?

Where your focus is on serving humanity and using your talents and gifts to elevate and empower others, instead of gaining control over them?

I See You - a Poem by Seema Sodha

I see you
Huddled in the corner
Frightened to your bones
Fighting for your life

Wanting to come out
But afraid that if you do
You will be persecuted
Or worse, ignored

Those feelings are real
We validate them all
And for what it’s worth
We’re so sorry you’ve had to endure them

What was your past
We can not change
What is your future
We can co-create

For beyond that fear
Is a deep soul purpose
To help and to serve
To raise love in the world.

And that is what we ask
You to place your focus on
That is where your power lies
And your strength to go on

Your nature is to love
Your power is to unfold
A vision of the future
For others to behold

“We desperately need more leaders who are committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership and who are self-aware enough to lead from their hearts, rather than unevolved leaders who lead from hurt and fear.” - Brené Brown

  • Do you find yourself in transition and questioning your deeper purpose or maybe how to live it more fully?
  • Are you itching to bring more presence, compassion, love, healing and consciousness to the world?
  • Are you tired or frustrated from dimming your brightness and silencing your voice?
  • Are you hearing the call to fully own and share your gifts with a wider audience but unclear about where to start or how to navigate past your fears?
  • Do you know intuitively that it’s time to step out of the sidelines and into the leadership role you know you were born for, even though a part of you resists that term and questions your safety, worthiness or capabilities?

Or maybe you Identify with Sara...

Sara’s been hiding her gifts and true leadership capacity for years.

To the outside world, she’s a level-headed, strategic entrepreneur. But behind closed doors, she is highly intuitive and has much more to offer and contribute to really make a difference.

Deep in her heart, she knows she can serve the world in a purposeful and more meaningful way, but her fear of rejection keeps her from sharing her gifts on a wider scale. She feels exhausted and out of integrity. She knows if she doesn’t take action to change this soon, she’s headed for depression.

What she really wants is the courage and confidence to fully own who she is and share her gifts freely and empower others to do the same.

... or Adrian

Something has ‘woken up’ in Adrian.

He feels he’s on the edge of something new, but can't quite grab what it is yet. At times he's confused and feels the pull towards something bigger, away from his comfort zone...but life keeps him busy from exploring any further.

Not having a plan is driving him crazy. He wishes he had a way to make sense of this all.

What he really wants is a clear purpose and vision plus the confidence and direction for this next chapter of his life.

What if you took the time now to create your new normal?

What if by mid-Fall you had the clarity, confidence and wisdom to unleash your inner leader?


Unleash the Sacred Leader Within

The proven leadership program that integrates the intuitive and analytical aspects of leadership into a comprehensive framework so that you can confidently make a positive impact in the world by leading yourself first.

Leadership is personal - It's all about relationships.

Your ability to positively impact your business is directly linked to the quality of conversations you have, and you can't relate to others greater than you can relate to yourself so to lead others you must first lead yourself.

In this programme you'll deepen your conversation with yourself.

It provides the right insights to identify strengths and weaknesses related to your leadership, but more importantly, it explores the values and purpose that define define your character as well as your vision.

A powerful step-by-step program

This 6-week program is based on Oxford Leadership’s Self-managing Leadership® (SML) Program, which is one of the world’s most successful leadership development programs with over 900,000 participants to date from over 90 countries (including leading edge billion dollar companies where Seema & Peter currently coach & facilitate this program).

This program provides a powerful step-by- step framework for personal reflection, changing negative habits, making critical choices and bringing plans to life.

You will build inner resilience and shape your unique leadership signature - even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a leader before.

You will find the courage and confidence to bring the highest, boldest version of your work into the world.

Over 900,000 executives have benefitted from the Self-managing Leadership experience.

"SML takes an ‘inside-out’ approach to leadership, helping participants define their focus and vision for the next chapter in professional and personal life."

Meet your facilitators Seema and Peter

Partners in life and partners in business

Seema Sodha


Seema is a heart-centred, inspiring and highly intuitive Coach with over a decade of experience in the Leadership Development field.

She is passionate about: helping others connect to their sacred core, follow their intuition and confidently share their gifts on a larger scale. She helps leaders increase their visibility, impact and success in a way that feels easy, in alignment and serves humanity.

She believes: our diverse beliefs, backgrounds and experiences are gifts that conscious leaders can leverage to create deeper connections and get better results.

She is known for: creating safe spaces for deep transformation

Her style is: Energetic, empowering and collaborative

Her spiritual super-power:  Accessing the Akashic Records for cosmic insights

She’s currently working on: writing her book on Sacred Leadership and how to develop the mindset, heart-set and soul-set for more connection, collaboration and joy.


She holds a BSc in Psychology and is an ICF accredited coach (PCC). She is accredited in the Leadership Circle Profile and is a Neuroscience practitioner.  When she leads trainings virtually or around the globe, she leverages her corporate experience in healthcare as a Learning and Development Consultant and as a Coach Trainer for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Worked with:

Eli Lilly Canada • Boehringer • Ingelheim • Intel • Roche • Tommy Hilfiger • Footlocker • Coaches Training Institute • Royal Bank of Canada • University of Toronto • Ministry of Agriculture Kenya • Graydin • Canadian Cancer Society

Peter Teijgeman


Peter is a grounded and compassionate Coach who leverages over 30 years of experience in the Leadership and Management Consulting field.

He is passionate about: creating breakthrough moments for people who are eager to accelerate their leadership effectiveness - with heart. He helps leaders gain clarity, direction and momentum by unleashing their natural strengths, talents and passions so that they can lead themselves and their businesses to new levels of mastery.

He believes: Every human being comes to earth with a unique piece of music within that deserves to be seen and heard

He is known for: creating breakthrough moments for leadership effectiveness - with heart.

His style is: Inspiring, relations-oriented and results-driven

His spiritual super-power is: Reiki and accessing wisdom from the collective consciousness

He is currently working on: developing a retreat that integrates his passion for personal development and the outdoors with the wisdom that nature offers.


Peter holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence. He is an ICF accredited coach (PCC) and is accredited in the Leadership Circle Profile and a Neuroscience practitioner.

Worked with:

Roche • PVH • Nike Europe • Accenture • Ministry of Agriculture Kenia • Capgemini • Lloyd’s Register • ING • Philips • European Investment Bank • Julius Clinical • Quintiq • Salland Oil • Canon Europe • Novellis • European Hydro Aluminium • Swiss Railways • ThyssenKrupp Steel • Royal Dutch Navy • European Commission

Here’s what you’ll get through powerful stories, exercises and small group dialogue:


    Identify your purpose, core values and vision so that your life and business are a true reflection of who you are today and what you aspire towards.


    Discover the self-limiting beliefs, thought patterns and habits that prevent you from reaching your vision and learn how to transform them into empowering behaviours.


    Articulate your unique leadership style and discover how to authentically lead from the inside-out for greater impact and fulfillment.


    Identify how to align your strengths, capabilities and vital behaviours to whole-heartedly step into your creative capacity.


    Define your focus for the next chapter of your life and prioritize the few vital behaviours that will have the greatest impact via a 90-Day action plan.


    Develop and strengthen your intuitive, emotional and social intelligences so that you can pivot and lead through change and complexity.


The format is an immersive style 6 week program with:

Next Program: planned for early 2021. To get on the waitlist and be notified when doors open, email: peter.teijgeman@oxfordleadership.com

  • 6 live calls once a week, at 9am EST/3pm CET
  • The workshops are 3 hours via Zoom including a 30-minute break
  • During these sessions you’ll experience both learning and implementation by periodically working in small groups and buddy systems for intimacy and deep dialogue.

Come out from the sidelines. Be seen. Be heard.

It is time to embody your power and share your unique contributions with the world.

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Bonus #1: Private Online Community


An online private container for you to receive support from Peter and Seema during this expansive journey. Plus, deepen the dialogue with your fellow conscious leaders.

Bonus #2: Life Purpose Accelerator Session


60-minute individual Akashic reading session to unlock your deeper purpose and release the unconscious blocks  getting in your way from your next level of impact.

Give yourself permission to receive the same leadership training that is allowing leaders in billion dollar companies in over 90 countries to uplevel their already amazing leadership.

What participants say about Unleash the Sacred Leader Within

Henrietta Szovati

The last 6 weeks have been amazing! I was connected with my soul tribe, I was challenged in the best way possible, I went deep, I broke through limits, I discovered my vision for myself and the world & I had the time and space to fully experience it all. I am a different person and I'm on purpose!

Thank you Seema & Peter!

Sabeena Bachuss
Manager, HR Consultant, Heart-centred Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.I’m already a fairly established leader in the online space and have a pretty clear idea of my vision, but I’m wanting to improve my skills, will this be too basic for me?

    A.This is not a skill training course. Leadership is an on-going journey and this course is focused on revealing who you are at your essence and how you will impact the world in this next chapter. You will have a chance to both connect with your most current version of your vision and give it a strong foundation with purpose and values. In addition you will create momentum towards your vision by identifying potential barriers and defining goals, strategies and an action plan. If you’re looking for a course on tactical skills like list-building or running social media ads, we wish you good luck but this program is not for you.

  • Q.I’m a brand new business owner, and don’t know my message yet? Would this be a good next step for me?

    A.Yes! This program is valuable for all levels of business owners, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur. We have an activity specifically designed to help you connect to your deeper soul message. It’s a special moment. In addition to discovering this, you will have a safe container and community to share it with and energetically release it into the ethers. With this, you will create momentum towards your vision by identifying potential barriers and defining goals, strategies and an action plan.

  • Q.Is this open to all genders?

    A.YES! We work on a soul level which transcends gender. Diversity is more than welcome in our space and we model that as your facilitators, with a mix of genders and a combined background of Dutch, Canadian and East Indian heritage.

  • Q.How do I know if Unleash the Sacred Leader Within is for me? 

    A.Unleash the Sacred Leader Within is for you if you:

    – Feel the call to reveal, refine and live into your purpose

    – Are tired of your fears and ‘imposter syndrome’ stopping you from sharing your gifts more widely

    – Shy away from calling yourself a ‘leader’ but deep down know that you have a message and vision for the world that wants to be shared

    – Are confused about how to align your soul purpose and gifts with your business strategy

    – Crave a community to help you go from alone and confused to connected, clear and confident

    – Are tired of living a compartmentalized life and are ready to up-level your life and leadership so you can feel whole and in integrity

  • Q.What if I can’t make it live to all the calls? Will they be recorded? Will it still be as impactful?

    A.We will ask a question back:  How do you want to lead yourself through this experience?  What do you need to make the most out of it?  And, how can you give that to yourself? And, if there is an emergency you are unable to make a call, let us know and we will co-create a solution.

This is a time of great awakening.

We invite you now to trust your inner guidance and listen to the deeper calling that led you here. Click on the button below to claim your spot and unleash your sacred leader. The world needs you - this is your time.

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